Intra-Company Transferees

Immigration to Canada based on Work Permit for intra-company transferees  

General background

The Federal and Provincial governments of Canada offer ample opportunities for investors, businessmen and private entrepreneurs who want to work and obtain Permanent Residence in Canada.

Through programs for private entrepreneurs and business owners, Canada tries to attract experienced professionals who will make a significant contribution to the development of the Canadian economy. In addition, the immigration of business professionals helps Canada gain access to international markets, because it ensures a regular influx of people who are familiar with these markets and understand their realities. In turn, the country offers business professionals certain for obtaining a Canadian Work permit for yourself and all accompanying family members.

If you are an owner or manager of a company and seriously consider Canada as a country for living and working, the option of obtaining a Work Permit for intra-company transferees maybe suitable.  

Who is the program for?

If you have

  • Experience in running your own business or managing a business / company for two years or more,
  • Secondary education,
  • Drive to continue your business in Canada and open a new branch,

then this program is designed for you.

Advantages of the program and further possibilities of immigration

  • Possibility to enter Canada in a short time
  • The opportunity to bring family members (spouse can receive an open Work Permit, children have the right to free primary and secondary education)
  • Opportunity to use the length of work experience in Canada to obtain additional points through the Express Entry system or for immigration through provincial nomination.

The services we offer

Registration of business and submission of application for a Work Permit includes professional preparation of a package of documents.

The services we offer in this process are as follows:


This stage includes an extensive preparation of corporate, business and legal documents to support ICT work permit application. Includes the following stages:

  • Incorporation of a Canadian company
  • Name approval
  • Drafting of the articles of incorporation
  • Prepare initial corporate documents (articles and certificate of incorporation, directors’ consents, share transfers, shareholder, director and officers’ ledgers)
  • Prepare supporting resolutions
  • Registration for the CRA business number + programs (payroll)

In the case of a business acquisition, we also:

  • Draft shares/assets purchase agreement
  • Manage the transition of the business legal documents
  • Update corporate registries to the new owners/directors


We prepare Business Plan to support ICT application showing the required connection between the foreign and the local corporation.

Must show sufficient funds and ability to pay salaries of the executive manager.

Must show the connection between two companies (foreign and local) and common business interests.

Must show additional eligibility standards as per Govt. Canada requirements


ICT process requires drafting of professional opinions (legal and accounting) in support of the application.

We will draft the letters and have them signed by licensed professionals (Lawyer or CPA).


If required to work with partners (we will discuss it separately depending on the complexity of the required services).


We register an individual IRCC portal for the company

We fill out the Job Offer application in accordance with the labor standards of a relevant province, as well as with the IRCC requirements


We open the Job Bank account for the company

We ensure that the advertising is accurate and up to date


Complete set of documents, tabulated and easily manageable

Preparation and coaching for an interview with the CBSA officer

Counselling and explanation for the accompanying family members, as needed


Professional preparation and processing of the Work Permit application


Business acquisition (optional – excluding the price of the business)$2,000.00-5,000.00
Business plan$3,500.00
Professional attestations$750.00 per letter
Shareholders agreement (optional)$3,500.00-5,000.00
Website Development$3,500.00-5,000.00
Incorporation (varies by province)$200.00-$400.00
Corporate name search (NUANS – varies by province)$108.00
Business license (varies by province)$60.00-150.00
Job offer registration$230.00
Work permit processing fee – principal applicant$155.00
Open Work Permit processing fee – spouse$255.00
Study Permit processing fee$150.00
Temporary Resident Visa$100.00
Biometrics per adult$85.00