International Students in Canada  

General background

Most people need to obtain a Study Permit if they want to study in Canada for more than 6 months. Study Permit is an official document issued by a Canadian Visa Office, which grants a permission to a foreign national to study for a certain time at a designated learning institution in Canada. Usually Study Permit is valid for the length of the study plus extra 90 days. Those 90 days are granted in order to let the individual prepare for the departure or to submit an application for extending stay in Canada.


  • Obtain a Letter of Acceptance from one of the Designated Learning Institutions of Canada;
  • Provide evidence of financial viability to cover the tuition fees as well as all related costs including return trip to his/her home country;
  • Must not have a criminal background or pose any risk to the Canadian security (Canadian Visa Office can request to provide a Police Clearance Certificate and applicants with criminal records may be refused);
  • Must not have any health issues (Medical examination can be required);
  • Those applicants willing to study in the Province of Quebec must also obtain a Certificat d’acceptation du Quebec (CAQ).

Advantages of the program for immigration

  • An applicant may include their family members into the application so that they could accompany the applicant to Canada. In such case the applicant’s spouse can receive an Open Work Permit and their minor children can study in a Canadian school.
  • Since November 2022, the Canadian Study Permit holders have been allowed to work off or on campus full-time without applying for a Work Permit.
  • Many graduates are eligible to obtain a post-graduation work permit which means they can work for any employer within Canada for up to 3 years after graduating which, in turn, will serve in their favour in the event of submitting Permanent Residency Application in the future.

The services we offer

  • Extensive consultation on preparing a quality Study Permit application
  • Assistance in registering for a qualifying study program
  • Full preparation, filing and continuous support at all stages of the application
  • A separate application for the Open Work Permit for a spouse, as well as for their children, if necessary.


Application for a Study Permit$1,200
Application for accompanying family (TRV/Open Work Permit)$750
Study Permit, per applicant$150
Open Work Permit Processing fee, per applicant$250
TRV processing fee, per applicant$100
Biometrics per adult$85
Tuition fee, per semester (approximately)$7,000
Medical exam per person (approximately)$300
Educational Credentials assessment per person  (approximately)$280
Certified Translation (per page)$35
Courier feesvaries